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Tips for Finding Health Insurance Quotes Online

When the time comes to shop for health insurance you don’t just want to pick the first plan that comes along. A better idea is to shop around for, and then compare quotes from, multiple insurers before picking a plan. So what’s the best strategy for making sure that you’ve shopped around enough for the best plan?

Before you even open up that search engine you should have a very good idea about what kind of plan you need and just how much you’re willing/able to spend for it. A couple of questions you might want to ask yourself are:

  • What’s my budget?
  • How many people will be covered by this health insurance plan?
  • Do I or any of my dependants have pre existing conditions?
  • Am I planning for any major life events in the near future (marriage, having a child, etc.)?
  • What’s my annual income (good to know if you’re applying for Medicaid)?

Once you have the answers to these questions you should be well prepared to begin looking at health insurance quotes online.

How to Compare Health Insurance Quotes

Now that you have your health insurance quotes in front of you, and your specific information, how to do you compare these quotes?

The first thing you’ll want to look at is the price compared to the benefits covered by the plan. A plan with a lower monthly premium might be more attractive at first, but reading through the summary of benefits to find out what’s actually covered might reveal that the plan is not quite what you thought it would be.

The best advice here is not to rush through the process and to carefully consider each plan. Rushing through the comparison process and just getting the plan that “looks good enough” is a bad idea. This attention to detail is important in order to make sure that you don’t buy a plan you’ll regret later.

After comparing the ratio of benefits offered to price you might also want to consider which company is offering the plan. Is it a well established company with a good reputation, or a relative newcomer that’s only been around for a couple of years?

Oftentimes the more established companies will have the larger network of doctors and providers for you to use compared to the smaller ones. But with that larger network, offering more services, the monthly price will also increase.

Considerations for your Health Insurance Application

Filling out your application for health insurance can be the most nerve wracking part of purchasing health insurance. Because of that many people are prone to “guess-timates” of important information or other sorts of guesswork that could cause major headaches in the long run. If you come across a section you’re not sure about, it’s best to talk with someone at the health insurance company to have them clarify it for you.