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Avenue H


Now that healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act has arrived, people are looking to figure out the new system and see what it’s all about. For those looking to be in the know, we at ForHealthInsurance.com have put together this handy guide to the new Utah health insurance system. Read on to learn about Avenue H, Utah’s new online health insurance marketplace, health insurance tax subsidies, and much more.

What is Avenue H?

Utah has taken a unique approach to establishing its state health insurance marketplace. The state has partnered with the federal Department of Health and Human Services to run the marketplace for individuals, with the state government of Utah running the Avenue H marketplace which is aimed towards the Utah health insurance needs of small businesses.

What plans will be on the federal marketplace?

If you are unable to buy a plan on Avenue H, you can buy a plan on the federal marketplace. One of the greatest assets of the new system is that it will be organized in a simple way. The many Utah health insurance plans available will all fall into one of four categories. These categories are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you get closer to Platinum, your monthly premium will increase, but out of pocket and co-payment costs will go down. The opposite is true for lower category plans like those at the Bronze level, where monthly premiums are cheaper, but out of pocket costs are higher.

How do I pick from all of these choices?

The system might be easier to navigate, but choosing a Utah health insurance plan is still tough. When evaluating Avenue H and federal marketplace plans, it is best to compare it to the plan you have now if possible. Do you feel your premiums now are too high for how little you go to the doctor? Or is it co-payments that are putting the hurt on your wallet?

Find out where you are losing the most money and pick a Utah health insurance plan based on that. You will also have to keep in mind things like the number of dependents you have and any preexisting conditions you or they might have. Precisely understanding your needs is the key to choosing the right plan on the federal marketplace or Avenue H.

Are these costs going to get any better?

When looking at Utah health insurance costs you may be wondering if the prices can get any better. If your income is within the broad range of 100 percent to 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Line, you will be eligible for a health insurance tax subsidy. The less money you make, the bigger the subsidy on your Utah health insurance plan. That being said, your plan will still be affordable even at the top of that range. At 400 percent of the FPL, you won’t pay more than 9.5 percent of your income for a Silver level plan. The less you make, the lower that number gets.

How do I buy an Avenue H or federal marketplace plan?

To buy Utah health insurance at Avenue H or at the federal marketplace give us a call here to speak with one of our health insurance experts or enter your zip code above to see what plans are available in your area.