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Nevada Health Link


With the opening of Nevada Health Link, Nevada’s online health insurance marketplace under the Affordable Care Act, buying Nevada health insurance is more affordable than ever. That being said, Nevada Health Link is an entirely new system, and you’re probably looking for a little bit of help navigating it. Our ForHealthInsurance.com Nevada health insurance guide will walk you through some of the biggest changes happening in the marketplace and offer you some tips on choosing the perfect plan.

Thinking about cost and coverage

When it comes down to buying Nevada health insurance on the Nevada Health Link, you have to go into it having at least some idea of what kind of plan you are going to buy. If you don’t, it’s going to be a pretty overwhelming task to pick a plan.

So, what does your budget look like? How many dependents do you have? Who has conditions that require frequent doctor’s visits? Is your current plan working for you? Given all the new options that will be available, if you already have health insurance you should really take this opportunity to look at alternatives to your current plan. Maybe you can find a comparable Nevada health insurance plan, but with better coverage and lower premiums.

The information you need to know about buying Nevada health insurance on the marketplace

Buying Nevada health insurance in the past probably seemed like a bit of a free for all. There were tons of choices and it was difficult to measure every single factor. Buying health insurance on the Nevada Health Link is a lot easier. Plans are divided up into tiers that are metal-coded: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

It’s no surprise that the Platinum plans have the highest premiums, and Bronze plans have the lowest. Of course, what you don’t pay in premiums you may have to makeup in the form of co-payments and high deductibles. It all comes down to how often you plan to make use of your Nevada health insurance.

How you are going to save money on the Nevada Health Link

Before we talk about the discounts you will receive buying from the Nevada Health Link, you should know you might not have to buy Nevada health insurance from the marketplace. Nevada is part of a coalition of states who have chosen to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.  The expansion has opened up the program to people who make less than 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Line, including single childless adults. This means that if you were almost eligible before, there is a good chance you are now.

While the exact cost of plans on the Nevada Health Link will vary, there are a number of measures that the law put in place to help you save money. The measure that will affect the most people is probably the federal tax subsidies. As long as you make between 133 percent and 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Line, you are going to be getting a discount from the federal government to help you pay for health insurance.

These subsidies are designed so if you make 400 percent of the FPL you won’t pay more than 9.5 percent of your income in a given year, and that number will go down the less you make. When all is said and done, Nevada health insurance plans will be looking a lot easier to fit into your budget.

How do I buy a Nevada Health Link  plan?

To buy a Nevada health insurance plan at the Nevada Health Link give us a call here to speak with one of our health insurance experts or enter your zip code above to see what plans are available in your area.